Honda crv ac pressure switch location

The air conditioning is working intermittently. Generally, it tends to not work on hotter days or when we are stuck in traffic. It may stop working for tens of minutes or hours, but not days. Originally, we thought the refrigerant was low so we had it replaced at Jiffy Lube.

Afterward, the AC had the same symptoms so we took the car to our mechanic two days later. They could not find a leak; they drained and replaced the refrigerant again. The AC worked consistently for a few days and then the problem returned. We then took it a Honda dealer and they could not find a problem - it worked while in their shop. Both our mechanic and dealer said they can't diagnose a problem they can't see and have not offered any other suggestions.

Unfortunately, since many hands have been on the car opening and closing a sealed system, it is hard to say what your starting point is "now". Let us assume the problem is not moisture or air in the system the problem with moisture is it will periodically freeze and thaw at the expansion valve CAUSING intermittent cooling.

The first order of business is to confirm system pressures, high and low, while the compressor is on to get an overall indication of the system operation. Certain variances and patterns, in these pressures will give the technician clues as to abnormalities, such as blockages or compressor faults. If system pressures check out and no unusual patterns emerge, you then have the possibility of an electrical fault - one that is possibly intermittent.

These types of faults could involve the electrically operated compressor clutch, the high and low pressure system cut off switches, the wiring and on-off switch that connects all of this, and the condenser cooling fan.

With regard to that fan, if it is not cycling on and off as intended, that alone will greatly degrade the cooling effect you feel in the passenger compartment because the condenser is the part of the system that rejects the accumulated heat to the atmosphere. The bottom line is you need a specialized, certified competent, and most importantly an interested technician to "take it from the top" and get to the bottom of this issue.

For further help with this issue, consider having a certified professional from YourMechanic diagnose the AC problem in order to have this corrected properly. My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission.

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Honda CR-V AC Cycling Switch Replacement at your home or office.

What others are asking Car not starting. If the engine cranks normally but doesn't start, you likely have a problem with fuel or spark delivery.We spend a lot of our time in the car.

But staying in your car without AC in this hot climate can be like living in a hell. But how many of us know how to take proper care and maintenance of the AC in our car?

How many of you know how to replace AC low pressure switch? Part of being a responsible car owner is to know how to take care of small repair and maintenance work around your house. This includes small repairs to the AC as well. Getting a trusty mechanic is not an easy task anymore. They cost too much and are rarely free at the times we need them the most.

Learning how to do minor repairs in your car can help you save both money and time.

Honda 2003 CRV 3rd Clutch Pressure Switch Replacement (P0845)

It is also a good way to spend time with your machine. Here we will be talking how to repair the low-pressure switch in your air conditioner. Before we talk about how to change the AC low-pressure switch, we have to know about the symptoms of a faulty AC pressure switch. The AC pressure switch is a device mounted on the high and low side of the AC. It monitors the pressure of the refrigerant on both sides of the system. There is a separate switch for the high side and the low side.

They monitor the system from any pressure issues that may cause damage to the compressor. When the pressure of the system goes below 25 psi, they shut off the system momentarily. This prevents the air conditioning system from freezing up, particularly in colder climates. So, making sure that your AC pressure switch is working is essential for the long life of the air conditioner.

It includes the AC cutting on and off without cause, the inability to cool your car and so on. These symptoms mean that your AC pressure switch needs repair or replacing. You will need:. It helps in diagnosing and correcting refrigerating units that are not working properly.

It helps in checking if there is any leak, or if the pressure is just sufficient and further, also helps in evacuating and recharging. It is an essential substance used in refrigeration and heat pump cycle. It helps the AC in cooling down. This pump is used for creating vacuum inside the machine by removing gas molecules from a sealed container.

It is a safety switch that is installed on both right and left sides of the AC. As the name suggests, this is an O shaped ring made up of rubber whose main task is to create a seal at the interface.

Any money you spend on buying the equipment can help you save more when it comes to repair and maintenance cost.

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To replace the AC pressure switch, you have to remove the refrigerant in the system. It is advised not to release the refrigerant into the open as it can contribute to the greenhouse effect. Turn on the machine and remove the entire refrigerant.An automobile can have numerous serious problems and a dysfunctional AC compressor clutch is one of them. When this component does not work properly, the engine does not get the cold air flow — leading to some major complications.

Knowing how to manually engage AC compressor clutch will help you skip a visit to the mechanic. Plus, you should also know how to examine the clutch to find out if it is faulty or not.

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Using low-quality oil could be a reason for failing AC compressor clutch but it could happen even if you use synthetic oil and high-quality coolant.

In a few cases, the clutch does not engage due to a clogged refrigerant circuit. If you want to diagnose an AC compressor clutch for defects, apply these techniques:. Set all air conditioning controls to the MAX before kicking off the engine. Check the front side of the clutch to examine its condition. Also, find out whether the clutch and the pulley are spinning. If only the pulley is rotating, the compressor clutch is having an issue, which could be stemming from several sources — a blown fuse, bad clutch oil, low-pressure lockout, or an open wire in the oil.

A careful inspection of the system and its components will help you to pinpoint the source of trouble. In this step, you have to detach the connector cable from clutch oil.

honda crv ac pressure switch location

Keep it safely away from all other components. Use a digital voltmeter to measure the ground and voltage of the battery at the detached connector cable. Go on to check the fuse if you cannot read the voltage readings. Move on to the clutch relay if the fuse turns out fine. In a few car models, the power of the air conditioning system flows from the AC switch to the fuse before being transmitted to the clutch oil through the low-pressure evaporator temperature.

You have to make sure that the compressor has enough oil to function properly. When you are sure that there is a problem with the clutch, the next part is to engage it. The next section tells you how to manually engage AC compressor clutch at home. Engaging the AC compressor clutch at home is not rocket science. There are a couple of ways you can fix the problem to bring back the air conditioning system in order.

What is the most common reason for an air conditioning compressor not to engage? Low level of refrigerant. When the coolant level in the system goes down, the low-pressure switch does not allow the compressor to rotate. How to manually engage AC compressor clutch when the system is low on antifreeze?Login or Sign Up.

Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Login or Register Here. Login is located in the upper right corner of all pages. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I am troubleshooting niece's CR-V with the auto climate control. Static pressure is about at 85 F outside temp. Condenser fan does not engage with AC switch on dash switch lights up and neither does the compressor.

Swapped relays for compressor and condenser fan - no change. Checked fuses - all good. Question on testing low pressure switch: where is it and how to test three wire pressure switch on a Honda? Parts description says it is three wire. If I apply power at the relay box directly to the output terminal the fan will run and compressor will also run with power jumped - I did not test pressures with compressor jumped.

Does low pressure switch "disable" the fan and compressor relays? Will I lose freon charge if I swap out the low pressure switch if it tests bad? Thanks for your help! Tags: None. Tom Greenleaf. Compressor should look like this If you want to play the parts toss that's your call I don't really suggest that rather do some more diagnosing.

Compressor will NOT engage for a lot of reasons like most now computer controlled to default to not engage and when it does should put fan s on also cool engine or may work for cooling radiator if warm anyway know the difference. Static pressure is in line with temp higher because of engine heat only means system is not empty not that it's ready to work.

Would help if you have a pressure reading with it engaged AYOR jumping things or end up with blowing the ECM computer that runs this whole show ever doing that. Knock off some easy checks first you at least made it compress or engage if fans didn't also come on probably made a new problem! At that time it should have been able to blow cool air inside if not condenser fans not much or any.

Fuses should be checked with either voltmeter or test light not just by looks if not done that way check again. Another check for this common type compressor is the air gap of the clutch. Almost universal when off should measure. If too wide especially hot weather it will not pull in to engage or be intermittent. Most are adjustable and probably has to come out never sure of how much room you have to do that if the problem.

Discharge likely for either the switch or taking compressor off if needed. If you go this far you want to know how much refrigerant comes out and fill to exact amount no guessing there if you can't do that or get that done properly you are just at high risk to make a lot of things all worse. An idea that might be best for you is to just pay for the diagnosis then decide if you wish to take this on.

Ask what a professional diagnosis would cost up front will save you money, mistakes will just make it worse as said.This page is for personal, non-commercial use. The AC pressure switch is a safety switch that is mounted on both the high and low sides of the air conditioning system. It monitors the pressure of the refrigerant on its respective side of the system.

There is a high side pressure switch, and low side pressure switch, and they both serve to monitor the system for pressure faults that can damage the compressor. When the pressure is too low, the compressor risks damage due to running with low oil. When it is too high, the compressor is at risk of overheating and becoming damaged. Depending on which side of the system the sensor is mounted in, when the pressure rises too high or drops too low, the switch will turn off the compressor to prevent damage from occurring.

As the pressure switches serve to protect the compressor and rest of the system from damage, they play an important role for the proper function and service life of an AC system, so they should be replaced if they are causing problems.

When they begin to fail they will usually display a few symptoms that will alert the driver of a potential problem. Repeatedly cycling on and off is part of the normal operation of an AC system.

There are periods where the AC is turned off, such as when the proper temperature has been reached, and the pressure is adequate. However, if the system is cycling on and off very frequently or more rapidly than normal, it could be a sign that the cycling switch is not functioning properly. If either of the AC pressure switches fails, then the system will have a difficult time maintaining the pressure required to function properly.

If the pressure is not right, then the AC system will not be able to produce the cold air required to adequately cool the cabin. You may notice that the cabin takes longer than usual to reach the correct temperature, or may not even be able to reach the correct temperature at all. The compressor is what pumps refrigerant through the entire system. If it is not functioning, then the system can not operateand will be unable to produce cold air. Because the AC pressure switches play such a vital role in ensuring the proper operation and service life of the AC system, any problems with them should be addressed immediately to ensure the integrity of the system.

If you suspect that one of your AC switches is bad or failing, have it diagnosed by a professional technician from YourMechanic. If necessary, they will be able to replace your AC pressure switch so that you can ensure the system remains functioning correctly.

This article originally appeared on YourMechanic. Autoblog is partnering with YourMechanic to bring many of the repair and maintenance services you need right to you.

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Get service at your home or office 7 days a week with fair and transparent pricing. We get it. Ads can be annoying.Our mobile mechanics offer services 7 days a week. Upfront and transparent pricing.

Learn More. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. Under low pressure, the refrigerant is a gas. Both sides must monitor pressure to ensure safe operation. The AC pressure switch basically turns a side of the system off if certain events take place. There are numerous causes of low or high pressure switch tripping, and not all of them involve switch failure.

A low refrigerant charge can cause the low pressure switch to read incorrectly. The same goes for a high refrigerant charge. Ongoing, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that all components are in good working condition, and to hone in on the actual problem causing symptoms.

If you suspect your AC pressure switch is faulty or there is something else wrong with the air conditioning, have one of our expert mechanics diagnose and repair it. Get an upfront price.

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Service Area. YourMechanic Benefits Online Booking. Mechanic comes to you. Free 50 point safety inspection. See availability. Keep in mind: AC pressure switch operation is generally not checked unless there is a problem. Many different problems can cause symptoms consistent with pressure switch failure. What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the AC Pressure Switch? AC does not operate AC compressor will not turn on. How important is this service? Number of Honda CR-V services completed.


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honda crv ac pressure switch location

Erick 9 years of experience. Request Erick.At an ambient temp of 95 degrees F, the low side pressure at rpm is 35psig, the high side pressure is psig. The low side pressure at rpm is 15 psig. The center vent blows 78 degree air, the right and left vents blow 70 degree air. I have replaced the cabin air filter. I have been "below" to observe the operation of the air control motor. The arm runs through its full range underneath and under the hood the heater control valve also travels its full range I disconnected it to check the range of motion in the valve I have also run the diagnostic prescribed by KHlow expert in response to a crv climate control question.

No diagnostic code is is given after the test. We have had mice in the car repeatedly. I removed a nest behind the radio and found acorn shells atop the cabin air filter when I replaced them. We purchased this car in northeastern Ohio when we lived there.

This is the second time in the last 13 months that we have replaced the entire system. Last time it didn't seem very cold with the replacement system, sort of barely ok.

honda crv ac pressure switch location

I cannot find a schematic of the ducting to determine if the mouse could have caused the problem. The aftermarket parts provider says the pressures are adequate, not ideal. They will send a replacement compressor, but they don't think that will solve the problem.

The nearest Honda dealer is 85 miles away. The aftermartket supplier maintains in their advertising that their compenents are better than oem and solve the problem of Honda's orignal design flaw. Just saying.

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KHlow are you out there? Thanks to all.